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This Quick Look was originally posted to MoT’s Watch Deal Forum on October 23, 2020.

About a month ago I had the chance to spend a few days with the Mitch Mason Chronicle prototype, a unique entry into the crowded field watch space.

The Chronicle was delivered in a quite nice watch roll that well protected the watch. At first glance, the striking handset stands out. The hands have been pretty polarizing in comments both on this site, and in our Discord chat. Personally, I like them. Coated in Swiss Super-Luminova, they remind me (especially the hour hand) of a crown, a turban, or even the onion domes on an Eastern Orthodox church.

The case is a lovely chunk of stainless steel, and is clearly reminiscent of the legendary Grand Seiko 44S. This isn’t a bad thing! The playful transitions between polished and brushed surfaces, combined with a modest, dial-centric 36.5mm with and 43.5mm lug-to-lug dimensions make for a watch that is both comfortable and easy to read. The double-dome sapphire and high legible dial markings certainly help with that as well.

The screw-down case back is engraved with the Mitch Mason crest and the usual specs around the perimeter. The crown, which I found easy to manipulate and smooth in operation will be changed on the production models, something I don’t necessarily agree with as I think it is fine as is.

The aforementioned Swiss Super-Lumninova hands and markers are bright, and still quite readable in the early hours of the morning.

Also included in the review kit were cards detailing what will be the specification of the production Chronicles as well as the changes from the prototype. Rather than typing them all out, I’ll let you take a look at them:

All-in-all, I think Mitch Mason Chronicle is a good first entry, and has just enough uniqueness to allow it to stand out in the crowded field watch….err…field.

Learn more about Mitch Mason and Chronicle at Mitch Mason.

By MoT

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